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Here are some Reviews about our products from around the web by real clients
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there can be no better product out there! I have had several professional keratin treatments that were very nice but because of the ridiculous prices I decided to try this one. This was the second  treatment I tried and it is better than any I have had before !! I had dry damaged thin, sort of straight hair where parts of it were like straw and would not lay flat- after the treatment- I have shiny hair of a teenager, stick straight, soft and amazing, it could not look any better and I could not be happier!

I have blonde curly/wavy hair. Humid days are ridiculos and spring rain is super bad!!! I have tried all the other brands but I will continue to buy this one. It does everything it claims. Makes my hair smooth, frizz free, healthy and overall a great product for bad hair.

Loved this product. It worked great and feels very similar to when I got a professional blowout. I will be reordering again. Definitely got a little fumey during the blow dry part but overall great and you can't beat the price.

I have never been able to chemically straighten my hair, because I have this weird half african american, half middle eastern hair that is super thick and curly, but not nappy. I tried chemical relaxer when I was younger and it had literally no effect whatsoever. However, after this treatment my hair feels unbelievably soft, de frizzed and is WAY straighter. I'm actually still in shock haha


H.R Commented
"I used your Keratin hair treatment product 3 days ago. Looked awesome, but also wasn't my first time using these "wonderful straightening solutions." Today was the first day to wash my hair....it almost put me in tears....my hair has NEVER looked so AMAZING 15 minutes after a shower!!  Your product is absolutely heaven sent! I just want to say thank you. I have the most resistant and rebellious hair. Your product did an amazing job!! "
Liz M wrote
"I tried the Keratin Hair Treatment this weekend -AND I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY HAIR.  I have thin hair, so I wasn't expecting much, but now I have the hair I've always wanted. It's straight and soft. Thank you so much for a great product.  I've never had anything work so well and make a real difference." Thanks again,Liz M Atlanta GA

I really like the texture and the scent of the express formula.  The product goes on easily and distributes well throughout the hair.  Thus far I have been able to straighten every hair type possible. My clients look in the mirror and have a "WOW" look on their face.

Keratin Mask Recent Review by one of our client

We, women, all know: one of the most essential secrets of our appeal lies in gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, we also know how hard it is, sometimes, to take a proper care of it in today’s lifestyle. Allow me to share with you a pleasure of Inverto Mask discovery - an easy, fast, and affordable way to fabulous hair!

My hair is being constantly exposed to bleach and color treatments, which makes it especially hard to maintain healthy and beautiful. In attempts to succeed, I have been trying various conditioners and masks from leading brands for years, many of which, to tell the truth, been hitting the pocket heartlessly.  Treatments helped partially and temporarily, constantly leaving one issue untreated: it remained dry and tremendously hard to comb, making every shower a painful torture for my hair. Following by friend’s recommendation, I tried the Inverto Mask using it pretty intensively: every day for a first week instead of the conditioner, and 3-4 times a week during the second week.  Surprisingly, the results were unexpectedly amazing: my hair miraculously “healed” from a constant dryness and transformed to a healthy and gorgeous within just a few days. For better and faster results, try this intense formula and then switch to twice a week for general maintenance and enjoy getting compliments for your stunning hair! Sincerely recommend to all women who think they deserve looking fabulous!!! :-)

 Natalie FL USA