INVERTO 60 for Blonde Hair 120ml Formaldehyde-free keratin Treatment Rich in proteins Repair Damaged Hair, Hair Straightening Smooting

INVERTO 60 Brazilian Keratin Express Treatment Specifically Designed for blonde and Light Colored Hair Formaldehyde Free by Inverto Revolution 120ml

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INVERTO 60 for Blonde is the same as INVERTO 60 with added a Violet blue pigment to help counter color change in colored blonde and red hair. INVERTO 60 for Blonde is very rich in proteins. Known for its ability to repair damaged hair, specifically dried bleached hair. You will be able to see thicker, stronger and healthier hair as soon as the treatment is completed. INVERTO 60 is Formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. INVERTO 60 is based on newly formulated advanced gel technology (delivery system) that helps the actives penetrate deeper. INVERTO 60 is capable of straightening hair up to 3c hair type comfortably. INVERTO 60 must be rinsed prior to blow drying and flat ironing. Includes Keratin treatment 120ml, Clarifying shampoo 30ml and deep moisturizing mask for later use

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brand Keratin Research
GTIN 820040
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