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Keratin Treatment Info

Brazilian blowout chart
Keratin Hair Treatments, After care and Tools
Thanks to our breakthrough Keratin formulation: INVERTO™ the three days wait is over. You can wash your hair the next morning after the treatmentand that is a great relief from the discomfort and suffering of treated hair smell, sweat and itchy scalp (especially during summer time) for 3 to 4days. On your next treatment insist on Keratin Research products nothing else works as good. That is our promise.

Please Read Currently we carry the following keratin treatments (4 types) and are offered in various sizes, individually, as sets and combo deals:

1. Keratin Treatment with Argan oil- Our Classic most popular and Proven worldwide formula. No need to wait 3 days (contains formaldehyde)

2. Keratin Forte: This one is all you loved in our successful formula plus serious enhancement that are tough on curls and stubborn frizzy hair (contains formaldehyde)

3. Gold Label: Gold Label Professional Keratin Treatment Super Enhanced Formula Specifically Designed for Coarse Curly Black, Dominican and Brazilian Hair types 1000ml (contains formaldehyde)

4. Inverto Revolution Treat Wash N' Go- Formaldehyde Free- This Keratin treatment removes frizz, curls and adds shine, silkiness and softness to your hair. The results are instant without anything else to do! (you will leave the salon after your hair was washed and dry, nothing else to do)