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thanks to our breakthrough Keratin formulation: INVERTO™ the three days wait is over. You can wash your hair the next morning after the treatment and that is a great relief from the discomfort and suffering of treated hair smell, sweat and itchy scalp (especially during summer time) for 3 to 4 days. On your next treatment insist on Keratin Research products nothing else works as good. That is our promise. Join our mailing list below. look for our upcoming Inverto Products

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Read this recent review by I.C.  Miami Beach FL
“I have originally volunteered to try the Inverto  keratin treatment, when I saw the ad by Keratin Research Inc  they were looking for volunteers with bad hair like I had. Not that I have fears of treatment that contain formaldehyde ( I have done it in the past) but I really wanted to try their Keratin treatment and the people at  Keratin Research seemed very knowledgeable and reliable. My hair is very long, wavy, blond, badly frizzy and dry. I was so frustrated with my hair; every morning I get up to work I had to treat my hair with some kind of substance to calm down the frizz and give it some shape before I leave the house. and then I discovered Keratin treatments, what a life saver. To make a long story short I had the treatment 6 weeks ago and my hair is still straight, smooth, and not frizzy just as if it was on the first day. The treatment is similar in application to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the only difference is that I did not need to wait 3 days to wash my hair and I was not limited from any activity, I washed it 6 hours later. My hair dries a lot faster now and I truly don’t do anything, I just let it dry (I actually refuse to use any hair dryer). I finally enjoy the freedom of great looking and manageable hair. One of the most noticeable facts is the compliments :-)”. “After using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels even softer, cleaner, and healthier. The scent is fresh clean and gentle. The great part is I don’t have my usual guilt of shampooing daily because this shampoo is actually good and nourishing for my (usually dry, damaged and color-treated) hair. I can’t wait to try your new damage-repair products!”