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Coloring your hair: Before or after?

As a rule it is best (see exceptions below) for you to color your hair after the treatment; sometimes the excessive heat from the treatment process can alter your hair color slightly. Coloring should be done not earlier than 3 days after you washed your hair the first time after the treatment. However if you prefer to color your hair first and you don't mind a slight chance that your hair color may alter lightly you can color it first, it will not affect the performance of your treatment.

  • Dark hair Root touch ups - may color the hair at least one day prior to the treatment or three days after the treatment.

  • Hair Bleaching - should be done at least 5-7 days prior to the treatment as the bleaching process is weakening the hair and it needs time to strengthen first.

  •  Highlights - should be done three days after the treatment.

  • Dark color over Dark natural hair- may color the hair at least one day prior to the treatment or three days after the treatment.

  • Any color over gray hair- should be done three days after the treatment.
  • Blondes/Reds root new growth - should be done three days after the treatment.

If my hair is damaged will it help it not look damaged? & does it help your hair grow?

Yes it will repair damaged hair to a certain degree and most likely you will need to trim the split ends as they will be more visible because the rest of the hair will look better.
About growth: No it does not promot growth or stops hair loss, however sometimes bad hair splits and break so much that it seem that the hair is not growing fast enough or as it used to. One way to tell is when gray roots are visible or hair color may be needed.

How often can I repeat the keratin Treatment? 
You can repeat it right after you washed your hair from the previous treatment.
Possible scenarios:  it didn't come out good, I didn't do it correctly, there is a small area in the back that I would like to repeat.

Can pregnant women  use the Keratin treatment?
Not recommended and we dont have any research about its effect on pregnant women. 

Can nursing (breast feeding) women  do the Keratin treatment?
Not recommended and we dont have any research about its effect on breast feeding women and the babies.  

Can the Keratin treatment be performed on children under 16?
Not recommended, however formaldehyde free will the better choice of the two if you decided to do it anyway.

Is it possible to do the Keratin treatment on hair previously chemically treated? 
Yes. The Keratin treatment can be done over any chemically treated hair you will get better looking hair.

Is it possible to do the Keratin treatment over any other straightening treatments? 
Our Keratin treatments can be applied over most types of straightening and keratin treatments previously done however you need to consult with your hair stylist if you think that your hair is brittle and due to break easily

Should hair be cut before or after the Keratin treatment? 
It is recommended to cut the hair afterward, trim the dead ends after the Keratin treatment.

When can I wash the hair after the Keratin treatment? 
Yes you can but if you wait overnight after the Keratin treatment you will get better results if needed.

What shampoo can possibly be used after doing the Keratin treatment? 
Sulfate free Shampoo. please read our instruction page.

Can this be done on virgin hair? 
Yes, first please wash your hair with clarifying shampoo three times and in some rare cases you may need to do it again.

Can men also use the Keratin treatment?


Is the Keratin Treatment a relaxer? 
No. It is a treatment that straightens hair and repairs it too, while a relaxer is  damaging and weakening the hair.

Is it possible to do the treatment over relaxed hair? 
Yes. The treatment may be done over any hair previously relaxed hair however make sure the hair is not too weak.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up the skin, hair and nails. Keratin is composed of certain amino acids that combine together and gives keratin certain characteristics. Depending on the levels of amino acids, keratin can range from being flexible to hard. It can become as hard as hooves or as soft as skin.

 What is KHT?

Keratin treatments smooth coarse and curly hair that resists styling or hair that tends to react to humidity or heat. It is especially helpful for hair that looks dry and unruly after styling and resists holding a set. Keratin coating will give hair a shiny smooth finish that will make it amazingly easy to style. Every Stylist knows how important is the ease of application and performance of a product. Get your clients to recommend you more and keep coming back get our Keratin Hair Treatment kit.

What keratin treatments do?

Keratin is found in skin, hair, nails and teeth. When it comes to hair, damaged keratin will looks dry and brittle. Keratin treatments protect and smooth the hair by coating it. The cortex (second layer of hair) is changed after the bonds of keratin are applied. Keratin is used to change the structure of the hair on the inside of the shaft and then bonds and locks into place on the outside of the hair cuticles.

Please make sure to use our after care products to maintain a long lasting effect, they are very important and structured differently from regular shampoos.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to write or call.

Thank you
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