How To apply Toppik Refill

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How Does It Work?                                                                                     
 The Keratin Hair fibers are laser cut so light and small and then go through Electro-static energizing process. once they come in contact they get  attracted to hair shafts (see diagrams) therefore thin hair seem few times fuller and darker due to thousands of tiny fibers clinging to the hair and it appears thicker.Genius idea, yet so simple and safe.  
 Instructions- How to apply Hair Building fibers:

 Apply Samson hair fibers to dry clean hair. Hold the container like a salt shaker above your head (if you are not sure of how much to pour or how hard to shake, practice above a white sink and you will get a very good idea) and start sprinkling the fibers evenly over the area needed coverage. Shake and sprinkle gently until you have achieved the desired coverage (do not over spill). Style your hair using a soft brush softly brushing and try not to let the brush touch your scalp, this soft motion brushing helps distribute the fibers evenly across the thin hair area in width and depth. I don't recommend the use of spray unless needed to style your hair, that's it! With Samson hair fibers you will achieve great natural looking results.
IMPORTANT: BEFORE USE Please fill the container half way and save the rest.  The hair fibers may get compacted during shipping, shake and use a thin object to mix the fibers in the container and shake again if necessary.

Must read tips:
If you are applying to the back of your head, or can't see well the thin hair area make sure to use a large mirror so you can see it well. (you can buy one in beauty supply stores) 
Once you applied the fibers do not apply water to your hair (finishing touches can be done with hair styling pastes etc).

If you want to use a spray, start with light spray first wait few seconds and check if you need more. Dont over spray
While applying hair fibers makes sure to cover your light color shirts, don't worry the fibers don't stain and can be shaken-off and washed. It is advised to apply before wearing any shirts. 
For areas where you have over applied: if it is on your scalp, simply use a Q tip and softly nudge the access fiber and if the access fiber is "floating" on your hair use a thin comb to collect the access fiber. 
The use of atomizer is great for small targeted area and it is slow and time consuming for large areas, however it is great in saving you money since it minimizes the waste of hair fibers. 

You must have some hair for the fibers to hold on to, be surprised you might have more hair than you thought once you apply the hair fibers you will notice that. Obviously this product will not cover bald areas.

Carry an extra container in your car, purse, and office desk wherever you may need it, in case you need to touch up or left home without it. 

Clean dry hair will hold the fibers better and longer.

Will not affect you if you are using any mediation or treatment for hair loss.

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