Japanese Straightening

Thermal reconditioning is called Japanese hair straightening. It is one of the very well known procedures–used for straightening hair–that one must think of before getting it done. This technique was originated in the late 1990s and used some products for processing. This process is passed by Yuko, Liscio, and Bio Ionics of the U.S. This hair treatment requires the time duration of three to six hours and involves a lot of procedures. The price of thermal reconditioning ranges from 300 dollars to 1500 dollars and the selection of a salon for getting this treatment.

The price of the treatment also depends on the chemical products used and the hair stylists and the experts. The outcome of thermal reconditioning is generallypermanent straight hair. Although new hairs come out after four to six months, those new hairs also need to be treated. Since this process requires time, it is a costly treatment and straightens the hair close to the roots.

As hairs are treated with some chemicals and products for straightening, you will not find it easy to curl the hair. This fact must be considered before taking the treatment. Many hair stylists believe that Japanese hair straightening is not the ultimate solution for you to get your hair straightened.

According to hair stylists 80% of people are not good candidates for thermal reconditioning, but they still undergo this type of hair treatment. There are many reasons for them not being good candidates. Firstly, those who have recently colored, bleached, or used other hair services can get damage after getting thermal reconditioning because it can break hair or result in hair loss. It is suggested you get a test for a single hair strand to check if it is suitable for your hair type. If a strand test is not offered by the salon then you must think several times before undergoing the procedure.

This treatment is not suitable for African people because their hair is very sensitive and cannot sustain the heat levels of thermal reconditioning. For African hair an alternative treatment known as hair relaxing technique is available.

Actually a large number of women are reporting severe hair problems, including hair loss and breakage. Many hair stylists of Hollywood avoid this procedure for their celebrities, but on the other hand many female clients are convinced of the fact that this treatment works well for hair. However, there is no clinical evidence to support this argument. There are many women who have successfully gotten the thermal reconditioning procedure. But one must ensure that an expert stylist treat your hair because there are risks related to this kind of treatment and only an expert can deal with this time consuming procedure.

At last, there are safer alternatives to hair straightening.