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Keratin treatment Side effects


Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Keratin is the solution for chemically treated hair such as previously straightened hair, bleached and colored hair as well as dry and frizzy hair. Keratin is known to make the hair healthier, stronger and shinier and also straighten unruly curly hair. Keratin hair treatment side effects should be none because it has been proven and tested to make the hair more beautiful. However, there are several keratin hair treatment solutions out in the market, make sure that the brand you are purchasing is authentic to avoid unnecessary things to happen.

Is there such thing as keratin hair treatment side effects? Keratin hair treatment fixes your hair. The treatment is like a permanent blow dry leaving your hair straight for three (3) months. The preservative solution and the keratin liquid are applied directly to the hair with the use of a flat iron. This will seal and cover each strand of the hair to make it beautiful. When this is done, you are not supposed to wash your hair for 3 days to give the solution its full effect. Though there are different types and textures of hair, the effect of the solution will differ. Some will have full straight hair while some will have more relaxed hair. Whichever the result may be, the hair will still be beautiful

As days goes by, you will notice your hair will become thicker, heavier and shinier. You will not be disappointed on the result. Although the procedure is like straightening the hair, you might see a little breakage on the ends of your hair, this is natural. Just have it trimmed and its all good. A keratin hair treatment side effect such as split ends is all natural because of the process. There is nothing to worry about. This treatment is perfect for everybody. But then again, the best way to have this is to go to a salon and have a professional do it. Make sure that they are using the original keratin hair treatment solution.

Keratin hair treatment side effects can be avoided if you follow the instruction and use good products that are recommended and guaranteed to work