Enhance your look with Natural Long and dark eyelashes

Enhance your look with Natural Long and dark eyelashes

Long and dark eyelashes further enhance a woman’s look.  This is the reason why women products that would encourage eyelash growth are very popular. I belong to the group of women who have short and thin eyelashes.  Whenever I see women with long, thick lashes, I cannot help but stare and wonder.  My frustration over my short lashes would even be greater if I see men with long, curly and thick eyelashes.  I cannot help but compare my lashes to them.  Some friends told me that cutting one’s lashes during infancy would encourage them to grow longer and thicker.  However, I think this is just a myth.  I did not do it to my children for fear of hurting their eyes.  


Therefore, to make my eyelashes look longer and thicker, I resorted to using mascara when I started working.  It was difficult at first as I keep on blinking every time I used it.  Nevertheless, I learned the trick and was happy with the result.   After a few months of using it, I developed eye irritation.  I did not assume that it was because of the mascara and still continue to use it.  However, when the irritation did not stop, I went to see an eye doctor who told me to stop using the mascara because it was the cause of my eye irritation.  Hence, using the mascara to lengthen my eyelashes did not last long.


It was a month after when I learned of this eyelash growth serum.  A friend told me about this product, which she used.  She claimed that she owed her long lashes to this eyelash growth serum and she did not even have to wait long for it to grow.  Inspired by her confession, I asked her about the product’s name, which she said can be bought online. I checked the website when I arrived home that evening.  Although my friend said that eyelash growth serum is good and harmless, I still read every detail. 


It is better to know if there are any side effects.  Most of the reviews were good though, so I decided to order online.  When the eyelash growth serum kit arrived, I read the instructions carefully (although I have read it on their site).  It should be applied on the tips of the upper and lower eyelashes every morning and before sleep time.  Application is not difficult since I use to put eyeliner to make my eyes more exciting and attractive.  However, with the use of the eyelash growth serum, I stopped using the eyeliner.  I used it every day twice in a day and was happy to see my lashes grow fuller after about 2 weeks or so.  It is amazing and by the end of week 4, I saw new lashes growing.  They became more noticeable as weeks passed by.  It was indeed, as my friend says a very effective product.


So for those women who are dying to have long, dark and thick eyelashes, I encourage you to try eyelash growth serum.  It really works and you will be tremendously happy with the results.  Nonetheless, I advise you to be careful when choosing to buy this type of product.  Some products claim that they are good and they are but pose some danger.  It is still better to use an eyelash growth product that is harmless and safe.  You cannot sacrifice your eyesight just to have long and dark lashes.  Hence, check the product well before finally deciding to purchase it.