WAIT ! Dont buy ! Before you read on….
This Pillow is a ridiculously Simple invention
The PillowBooster will turn your own pillow or any simple pillow
into the best, most comfortable pillow you ever slept on

and yet no one offered it to you.
It’s a Fact.

(I have patented it)

The PillowBooster™ is a slap on the face to all the manufacturers who had only financial incentive to sell you pricy gadgets and gimmicks knowing they didn’t work,  and if you were like me in pain, tired, restless and ready to try anything… you must have spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands…and couldn’t get the relief you were hoping for.


Today, your quest is over, get ready for The Best Pillow ever invented and THROW all the others (you could use some closet space). In fact you already own the Perfect pillow, It’s the one you enjoy but it didn’t have  the support and features you needed. The PillowBooster simply fits inside your pillow case under your pillow…blow some air into the designated chambers…rest your head…make some adjustment …and you are done.

You will immediately notice how energetic and productive you are.
Since I have been using the PillowBooster I became a lot more productive, energetic and  I even stopped Smoking. A small trial group of  users who been given free PillowBoosters, reported great satisfaction

The PillowBooster™

  • Is NOT a one size fits all, it will support any person, any size at any age
  • Is smaller than a notebook
  • Weighs less than 6 oz
  • Has unique individual support for your neck
  • Has Unique Individual support for your head
  • Help you stop snoring
  • Perfect for Travel , Compact and will fit into any pillow around the world
  • Will Save you a bundle
  • Will save you from you spouse’s elbows

Finally A pillow that realy works!

For years I wanted a pillow that will simply feel comfortable and support my neck and head all night long. Many pillows felt great at the store for few minutes, but actually sleeping on them all night was a different story …Memory foam get stiff and warm, beads and all kind of natural fibers were noisy and irritating , I kept going back to my old down pillow, and now I use the PillowBooster with it..Perfect!!! Thank you PillowBooster I sleep well.

Roberto, Miami

 You Name It I've Tried it !

All along the years I have suffered from lack of sleep due to uncomfortable pillows. I have tried them all. People like me spent thousands of dollars and still didn’t get what we wanted, I was skeptical about the PillowBooster …”at $20 I thought it’s too cheap to really help” I was wrong!...The PillowBooster is so simple that it allowed me to use my own soft pillow…all it needed was a boost. What a genius idea yet so simple. Good Night :-)

Larry, New York

Simply Genius !

Companies were busy inventing complicated expensive pillows, but no one has really used them every day. I always liked to push my arm under my pillow …and when I saw the PillowBooster I realize that was the perfect solution. My pillow was fine, I enjoyed the soft and cool touch but it needed a lift..and the best part I control it. It’s not a one size pillow. Sandra, Ohio

I am Considering Buying One.

We didn’t have them at the White House….I travel a lot and I can take it anywhere with me Bill, Arkansas

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