How Toppik Hair Building Products can Help Female Pattern Baldness

About 40% of women can have problems of balding at the age of 40. This incident can be caused by various factors although genetic traits contribute a big percentage. Male pattern balding is a known thing among men; however, only a few knows that it also occurs in women and is called female pattern balding. Female pattern balding is almost similar with that of the male sex except that it usually results from an underlying illness. Hormonal imbalance and genes can also result to female baldness. Hair loss for a woman is demeaning and it has a big impact in her confidence and may cause her apprehension and stress. The causes of female pattern balding Unlike men, women do not really lose their entire mane. Female pattern balding is characterized by thinning of hair in some spots or getting bald in some areas. It can be experienced by any woman regardless of age. The most usual though is the thinning of hair on the top of the head or receding hairline. Some women do not worry, as they think that their mane is just going through the resting phase and it will soon grow. Hence, they ignore the bald spots or the thinning of their hair. It is when their mane becomes exceptionally thin that they start to worry. The roots of female pattern balding are not as uncomplicated as the indications; nevertheless, it is relative with age, hormones and genetic tendencies. Female baldness is diagnosed by looking at it since its indications can be seen by the naked eye. Some laboratory or diagnostic tests may be requested if necessary but is often diagnosed visually. Methods of treating female pattern baldness Balding pattern on women is a stable affliction and is a familiar occurrence among women. Although it is a stable affliction, no proven remedy is feasible for every woman. There are some available treatments which women can try. The United States of America has approved only one kind of drug, which did not yield much success. About 20 – 25% of women increased their hair growth through medication. Hair transplant is done by removing hair follicles from the thick areas of the head and transferring it to the balding spots. Both modes of treatments are costly and do not give you the assurance that it will produce good results. Other than that, you need to be approved and follow some certain procedures prior to the transplant or intake of medication. You are also required to be seen by a doctor before submitting yourself to any kind of treatments. This should not dishearten women though, as a new invention has been created. Known as hair building fibers, this method does not stimulate hair growth but affords you to have thicker hair. The keratin hair fibers are sprinkled on the bald spots. You need to make sure though that there are hair shafts so the fibers can attach to it. Once they get fastened to the shafts of your mane, your top will look more hairy and darker brought by the minute fibers that have stuck to it. Not all women experience female pattern baldness. Nevertheless, the thinning of hair and getting bald spots must not be disregarded. It should be given extra attention and immediate help must be sought so it will not worsen. To find more quality information on keratin hair treatment, visit keratin hair products Before you buy anything online, make sure you read more about the effects of Keratin treatments, and keratin hair building fibers Learn more about hair fibers by visiting toppik refill kit