INVERTO VIVID HAIR Color Protector Perfector Prevent Hair Bleaching , Highlighting Coloring Damage From the Start safe for all blondes, vivid, bright & dark colors

INVERTO VIVID HAIR: Unlike Olaplex™  that repairs the damage caused Inverto Vivid Hair Protector prevents it from happening at all

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  • INVERTO VIVID HAIR COLOR Protector Perfector Prevent Hair Bleaching, Highlighting & Coloring Damage From the Start. Unlike Olaplex that repairs the damage caused Inverto Vivid Hair Protector prevents it from happening at all.
  • Vivid Hair protector unique technology provides an efficient delivery system, which allows the bleaching-coloring process takes place in its entirety without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber, While Olaplex system works by multiplying-duplicating the lost bonds.
  • The hair was protected during the bleaching process. maintains and restores hair’s health. Improved thicker and stronger hair fibers. Improved manageability. Increased lightening and shade control
  • Bleach works by going into the hair shaft, reacting with the stable pigment molecules, and breaking them down into components that will wash right out of your hair , Prevent irreversible hair damage now
  • Vivid hair Protector, clearly shows strength, thickness and shine, use it with confidence
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brand Keratin Research
GTIN 820040
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