Samson Amazing Fiber Lock Spray 4oz for all hair building fibers

Samson Fiber Lock Spray 4oz 

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Samson Hair Fiber Mist maintains a natural-looking hairstyle with no damaging build-up and dries within 6 to 9 seconds leaving your hair feeling non sticky and clean. Samson Hair Fiber Mist targets the bond between the Hair building fibers and your hair. Non irritant spray that dries instantly, and help you style your hair fast. Samson Hair Fiber Mist also helps preventing your hair from staining light color clothes. Samson Hair Fiber Mist has the right content of ingredient to bond your hair and the hair building fibers for many hours with comfort and confidence. There are many sprays out there however they were designed for other purposes; we have tested many of them. No one has achieved great results as Samson Hair Fiber Mist , many had high water content that took time to dry and clumped the hair fibers. A good and correctly functioning hair spray can save you a lot of time and prevent embarrassments. Take Samson Hair Fiber Mist to the test. Samson Hair Fiber Mist was developed by people who actively use Hair Building fibers , research and develop with passion. Directions: After Applying hair fibers, spray lightly holding the sprayer about 10” (30 cm) away from your hair, repeat if needed. You may comb your hair gently to soften the hair style. First time user: Get to know the spray effectiveness by applying light strokes and wait for it to dry. Don’t over spray! If dispenser gets clogged (can happen if not used for a while) rinse it in warm water.

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brand Keratin Research
GTIN 820040
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