Keratin Forte XXL set Brazilian Keratin Treatment Enhanced and Proven Formulation

Now Larger, Better & Improved

Complete set FORTE Keratin Hair Treatment With Moroccan Argan oil Thermal protection, No wait formula 1000ml, pre-treatment and after care system

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Now Larger, Better & Improved.

We have added the power and goodness of Moroccan Argan oil to the Shampoo and conditioner for a long lasting amazing hair experience.

What Has Changed?
Moisturizing shampoo & Conditioner are 1000ml compare to 300ml.
The Moisturizing shampoo & Conditioner contains True Natural Moroccan Argan Oil.
Shipping cost did not increase.

 Keratin Hair Treatment With Moroccan Argan oil:

Advanced yet fast and simple to use treatment that instantly straightens, smoothes, repairs, conditions and strengthens the hair using an intense conditioning remedy which restores vitality by repairing the hair from the inside out. The amazing results will leave hair elastic, flexible, and soft, with a naturally vibrant shine.


Keratin Forte-Enhanced Formula. Professional Keratin Hair Treatment, This one is all you loved in our successful formula plus serious enhancement that are tough on curls and stubborn frizzy hair.

  Product Features:

Clarifying shampoo (300ml) -is formulated to deep-cleans the hair cuticle and remove all residues and impurities that cling to the hair shaft.  and to open the cuticle for optimum receptibility of The Keratin Treatment.

Moisturizing shampoo (1000ml)- provides superior protection, moisture,  and a lasting shine. Rich infusion of nourishing and cleansing elements provides a luxurious lather that leaves hair healthy, strong, vibrant and manageable. Gentle enough for premed or color treated hair . Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil , Hydrolyzed keratin & collagen Amino acids for stronger healthier shiny hair


Moisturizing Conditioner (1000ml)- Light yet deeply moisturizing conditioner & concentrated. Provides superior protection Nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens the hair. Restores split ends, breakage and dryness using of moisture rich ingredients ,Hydrolyzed keratin & essential amino acids. Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil , Hydrolyzed keratin & collagen Amino acids for stronger healthier shiny hair

  • 1x 34 oz FORTE Keratin Treatment (1000ml)
  • 1x 10 oz Clarifying shampoo
  • 1x 34 oz Moisturizing shampoo (1000ml)
  • 1x 34 oz Moisturizing conditioner (1000ml)
  • For Curly, frizzy. wavy and dry hair, natural or colored hair.
  • Keratin hair straightening treatment 
  • Eliminates frizz and curl
  • Promotes healing of hair
  • Blocks the effects of humidity
  • Great for all hair types

Ingredients: D.I Water, Inverto Hydrolyzed Keratin,  protein, Collagen Amino Acids, Moroccan Argan oil,  Coconut oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, , Cetearyl  Alcohol, Cetrimonium Bromide, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans,   Petrolatum, Amodimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Acetamide MEA,  Panthenol, Sorbitol, , Triticum Vulgare ,Wheat Germ Oil, Linolenic  Acid, Sulfur, Formaldehyde,  Polysorbate- 80, Oleth-10, Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate,, Sodium Cocoyl , Cocoyl Sarcosine

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GTIN 820040
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